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There’s only one style reel that will handle these big lures, a baitcasting reel. } The four-inch Sassy Shad is a wide profile swimbait and the silk chartreuse color will catch fish all year long. font-size: 12px; $5.39 - $6.59 4x4 Little Head Swimbait Jig Heads 3pk. Glide baits are basically an elongated version of a single-jointed hard swimbait. Overall they are typically made of wood, hard plastic, or soft plastic. This … Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! Free shipping . } Keitech Easy Shiner. A minimum of seventeen pound test monofilament line should be used for these heavy lures. Deps Bumble Head. The design features on the different types of soft models can differ quite drastically. It’s rated for one to five ounces, meaning it … Dirty Jigs Tackle. The bodies are typically jointed to improve the swimming action when its retrieved. They are also rated for stronger line. Sometimes the hinge is right in the mid section of the bait and other times closer to the tail. They have a wider and smoother swimming action than a single jointed model. It’s because of this and their large profile that they attract large bass. The action is slow. border-right-style: solid; body { Swimbait Heads. The detail on some of the hard bodied models today can be extremely lifelike, that goes for their action in the water as well. -->, 6th Sense Lures Divine Screwlock Swimbait Heads. When paired with a swimbait, these jig heads resemble a baitfish. Swimbaits and Swim Heads shown here: Jenko Fishing 7-inch Booty Shaker swimbait with 2-ounce Phenix Vengeance 3-D Eye Head; Jenko Fishing 5-inch Booty Shaker swimbait with 1-ounce Jenko Fishing Longshank head; Scottsboro Tackle Company 6 … These darker waters are great for fishing swimbaits topwater, creating more noise and attracting attention. These are also soft swimbaits, but they are on the smaller side and usually come in packages of multiple baits like soft plastic worms do. They do not come with hooks so you need to get them separately and rig them yourself. } $6.99 Dirty Jigs Swimbait Jig Head. Starting at $5.99. BIG SWIMBAIT HEADS, 1oz WITH HEAVY 6/0 VMC 7161BN SALTWATER HOOKS, 5 PACK! height: 20px; HERRING JIG HEAD 3/4oz, 3/0 VMC HOOKS, SWIMBAIT HEAD, JIG HEAD, BUCKTAILS. If your fishing a sinking model, fluorocarbon is better since it sinks. The longer body profile gives the bait a wider “S-shaped” swimming action than that of a standard swimbait. Dirty Jigs Tackle Swimbait Head . Savage Gear Real 3-D Trout; Huddleston Deluxe 6″ Top Hook; Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill; Paddle Tail Swimbaits. $4.19 6th Sense Core X Swimbait Jig Heads 4pk. Stained water will dull the lures natural colors through the eyes of a bass, so it’s not as crucial as it is in clear water to match local prey. These baits are equipped with a standard hook, where the long shank of the hook runs through the center of the body and turns up and out the top/back of the lure. Ledgehead is the best swimbait head on the market and this week I'm gonna tell you why. Aaron Martens Suiji Jog Heads. The eyelet is connected to the hook rings through the body of the lure. ... Best Seller. While you might ask 10 anglers what their favorite soft swimbait is and get 10 different answers, it seems a lot less jigheads and hooks get used. $10.50. But you should pick brighter versions of the natural prey’s colors so the lure flashes them underwater and attract attention in a familiar fashion. Lobbing a big bait along docks or patches of weeds are great methods for getting a bass to ambush your lure. From offshore largemouth to river current smallmouth, the swimming profile and versatility of a swimbait jig head is incredible. It involves using a diminutive 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch soft plastic paddle tail swimbait like the Big Bite Baits Shad, and threading it onto a light 3/16 or ¼ ounce jig head. border-top-width: thin; } A good reel spooled with adequate line is important, but not at crucial as the rod. Soft full-body swimbaits are solid rubber baits that use treble hooks attached to the belly, similar to that of a hard swimbait. If you’re casting a smaller swimbait (six inches or less) then you really don’t need a designated swimbait rod. If your fishing them out in open water, a bass will hone in on it from a distance and have time to figure out it’s unnatural. Due to the amount of work that goes in to the fine tuning of hard swimbaits, they can be very expensive. Castaic. The key is to find the slowest reel speed you can apply to engage the swimming action of the lure. .SField { border-top-style: solid; You could literally fill an entire tackle shop with strictly swimbait gear, and get plenty of business. Dirty Jigs Matt Stefan Guppy Swimbait Jig Head 3pk. The VMC Swimbait Jig Head looks very real and has a lifelike appearance as well. You’ll be able to rip the trebles through light grass but if your fishing in thick weed cover, a hard body is not your best choice. .style2 { A stronger reel will stand the test of time in the big bait game. Now when a fish gets hooked, the bait slides up the line during the fight to keep it from getting torn up by the fighting fish. ,